Whether technical liquids or liquids of the food industry, we carry them, with the help of “Flexitanks”, safely to their destination.

Liquids alternatively packed. Quite simple and clever

For transporting liquids HCL Logistics offers “Flexitanks” as an alternative, which have many interesting advantages over other transport methods.


HCL Logistics as the perfect partner for Flexitank transports. This is because Flexitank shipments require the kick of more attention and care, and it must be ensured that experienced competence is also available in the receiving country.

Thanks to many years of expertise, HCL Logistics has an extensive worldwide network specializing in Flexitanks. Our customers appreciate our smooth operations and can rely on first-class technical solutions.


drums, IBCs, tank containers or even parcel tankers, for the transport of liquids that do not fall under the hazardous goods regulations. Flexitanks are always easily available where they are needed, without having to be positioned far and costly. Flexitanks take up hardly any space and certainly no investment, such as for drums or IBCs.


the product you want to transport. Whether technical liquids or liquids of the food industry, thanks to enormous experience we also adapt the Flexitank technically to your product and thus ensure a safe transport in compliance with all necessary guidelines and recommendations. Safety First!


products that must be transported in absolute purity. Because Flexitanks are disposable packaging, manufactured under the highest purity conditions and therefore always free of contamination. Due to the many cost advantages, Flexitanks are also optimally suited for bulk products or products that are very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to clean.

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