Inland navigation on the Upper and Middle Rhine is discontinued

Dear customers,

In the past weeks we have informed you several times about the precarious situation regarding the low water level in the Rhine (water level Kaub) and the related congestion in the container terminals. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the situation has now drastically worsened.

As no significant precipitation is expected in the next few days, the water level at Kaub is expected to fall below 40 cm from the coming weekend. Then, inland vessels will no longer be able to navigate the Middle Rhine safely and inland navigation will have to be largely suspended on the Upper and Middle Rhine for safety reasons.

As long as the water levels on the Lower Rhine permit inland shipping, we will try to transport containers between the terminals on the Upper and Middle Rhine and the terminals on the Lower Rhine via a land bridge together with our partners. However, we would like to point out that truck capacities are limited.

Furthermore, we offer you alternative rail transports for the terminal in Mannheim, but these capacities are also limited. To find out which alternatives we can offer you for your containers in a specific case, please contact your usual contact person at HCL-Logistics GmbH directly.

Due to the difficult situation, we must unfortunately point out that we can no longer always guarantee deadlines and, in addition, cannot accept any liability for any costs incurred as a result of delays in the delivery/collection of the containers.

We trust in your understanding and are available for queries at any time.

As soon as there are signs of improvement in the water levels, we will inform you immediately.

With best regards

Frank Hirsch
Owner and Managing Director HCL-Logistics GmbH

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